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Asphalt even layer blended
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Did Your Asphalt Garage Entrance Sink ASPHALT REPAIRS 2020

Save Money and Time! Get best results with our new technology.
Commercial Paving Asphalt Recycler
Paving Infrared Blending Patches

even layer with garage entrance asphalt blanded
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Fixing Your Driveway Before & After | iPRO Paving REPAIRS

Asphalt Repair We use state of art Infrared Patching Asphalt Recycler Machine to repair the pot hole and other uneven driveways and parking lots damages.We recycle your existing driveway asphalt. You get better blend and save money at same time.
Save Money and Time! Get best results with our new technology.

Road damage repair with asphalt
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Parking lots Repairs in Infrared Patching Asphalt Recycler

iPro Paving can do it better, we don’t need to cut the around the asphalt patch we just place the Infrared Patching Asphalt Recycler machine on top of the patch let it heat (cook) the asphalt for about 10 to 15 minutes , rake it ,compacted and it’s done. The old fusion way they have to cut around the patch remove the broken Asphalt and Install New Asphalt and the edges of the patch WON’T BLEND, like we blend all our patches.


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What Clients says about us

Very professional and honest. Got the warranty for any issues. Free estimates and explained the work in detail.

Kaami 10/10

Driveway had potholes and cracks IPRO PAVING fix all doew problems and did amazing job. I trust and recommend IPRO PAVING and there prices are reasonable.

Ohan 10/10

Daniel at ipro was very courteous and professional they did an awesome job driveway looks brand new again, I would highly recommend Daniel and is crew to all my friends. Job was completed in a timely manner and very clean as well. Daniel keep up the great work, awesome job keep it up.

Paul 10/10

Daniel and his team work so hard for me and they are so professional and knowledgeable! They fixed all of the issues and did excellent job! I trust and recommend IPRO and their prices are responsible! Thanks a lot for your help, Daniel!!!

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Ms. W 10/10

Daniel and his crew are stand-up guys and do great work!! I would use their services again!

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Peter 10/10

The work that Daniel Lima and his crew performed at my house by extending our driveway was done professionally and very efficient. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a company that is reliable and professional.

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John 10/10

I would recommend Daniel and his company as his work is unique, He is the owner and for us, he was actually on the job doing the work himself with his helper all the time for us. He insured his worker and his work were completed properly and he was very professional. He's probably one of the hardest owner/workers I've ever seen. Good job Daniel.

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Donna 8/10

Danny and his guys were great from the second I posted my ad on HomeStars .was on time very professional let me know exactly what they were gonna do and was very accommodating with time and priced good and worked with my budget, etc.would definitely recommend ipro to friends and family.

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Chris 10/10

Great Team to work with. 176 potholes repaired. Work was done on time, with professional attention to safety and quality. I would highly recommend IPro. After seeing the work done at our site no job is too big for this crew.

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M.G Howe 10/10

Daniel and his team did a GREAT JOB! I am super happy with my new driveway. Finally, I can park all my cars and don’t have to leave them on the street overnight anymore! Thank you for your help I will recommend you to all my neighbors.

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Mtvesuvio 10/10

Very efficient and environmentally friendly way to fix damaged asphalt. Daniel was a pleasure to work with! Some minor aesthetic issues but function trumps form in this case.

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Peter 9/10

I talked to Daniel about a repair to my driveway, he gave me a quote and showed up the next day as promised and did an excellent job. Daniel was a pleasure to work with and did the work for a reasonable price. His crew cleaned up the debris after the job was finished. I would recommend him and his team to anyone needing a paving job.

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Brian 10/10
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