Asphalt Repairs


Blending Asphalt Repairs

IPRO PAVING, we use the infrared process for all of our repairs. With the infrared process we can achieve a thermally bonded asphalt repair that BLENDS with the existing pavement.

With conventional saw cut and remove patching, cracks usually form where the hot asphalt was placed against the cold edge of the surrounding asphalt. Future cracking along the seam is minimized with the infrared process because the edge of the repair area is thermally bonded with the existing asphalt. Without cold joints, there is no point of weakness.

Asphalt Damage Repair Service
Step by step process

Position infrared panel over area to be repaired.

Wait approximately 15 minutes for pavement to become 300 degree hot mix again. Time varies by ambient temperature. Can be used in temperatures as cold as 10 degrees below zero. Our system emits true infrared rays, heating asphalt without burning or oxidizing.

Rake area, remove oxidized asphalt, scarify remaining asphalt and add surface asphalt to the proper grade. The material is then blended together and luted for proper elevation.

Compact the area with a vibratory compactor, compacting the edges first to pinch the
This creates a thermal bond with the existing pavement and eliminates any seams.

Let restored area cool before opening up to traffic.

Infrared repairs are ideal for repairing settlement, cracks, bumps, low spots, potholes, utility cuts, seam bonding and manhole cover ramping.

We also offer Pothole Filling

Pothole Filling isn’t the prettiest asphalt repair and can’t compare to our infrared repairs, but it’s better than doing nothing at all. Potholes that are left open during the winter will get bigger and may cost you more to repair down the line. Open potholes are also a liability and could really hurt someone or their vehicle. We use hot surface asphalt in season and high performance cold patch when the asphalt plants stop producing the hot stuff. Pothole filling is not meant to be a permanent fix, it’s meant to get you by until you can do a proper long term repair

How long do Infrared Pavement Restoration Repairs take?

The time it takes to make asphalt repairs is a fraction of the time compared to conventional methods. The Infrared Asphalt Patching Machine, it’s a 4’X8’ that we can divide in four sections  the pothole area it takes 20 minutes to complete as compared to the conventional method which can take over an hour. After its  done can be re-opened immediately to traffic after the asphalt repair.